Kelly, Ultan

Birth Name Kelly, Ultan
Gramps ID I0045
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kelly, Gerald [I0042]
Mother O'Reilly, Cora [I0041]
    Sister     Kelly, Grania [I0043]
    Brother     Kelly, Connor [I0044]
         Kelly, Ultan [I0045]
    Brother     Kelly, Justin [I0046]
    Brother     Kelly, Dermot [I0047]
    Brother     Kelly, Brian [I0048]
    Brother     Kelly, Paul [I0109]
Stepfather Yee, Hansen [I0003]
Mother O'Reilly, Cora [I0041]


    Family of Kelly, Ultan and , Nicola [F0045]
Married Wife , Nicola [I0112]


  1. Kelly, Gerald [I0042]
    1. O'Reilly, Cora [I0041]
      1. Kelly, Grania [I0043]
      2. Kelly, Connor [I0044]
      3. Kelly, Ultan
        1. , Nicola [I0112]
      4. Kelly, Justin [I0046]
      5. Kelly, Dermot [I0047]
      6. Kelly, Brian [I0048]
      7. Kelly, Paul [I0109]