Ip, Daniel Jun-Yim

Birth Name Ip, Daniel Jun-Yim
Gramps ID I0150
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ip, Pui Chi [I0148]
Mother Buczek, Danuta [I0149]
    Sister     Ip, Camilla Lan-Chih [I0143]
         Ip, Daniel Jun-Yim [I0150]
    Sister     Ip, Emilia Lan-Yuk [I0151]
    Sister     Ip, Lilian Lan-Giu [I0152]


    Family of Ip, Daniel Jun-Yim and Fraser, Anna [F0064]
Married Wife Fraser, Anna [I0159]


  1. Ip, Pui Chi [I0148]
    1. Buczek, Danuta [I0149]
      1. Ip, Camilla Lan-Chih [I0143]
      2. Ip, Daniel Jun-Yim
        1. Fraser, Anna [I0159]
      3. Ip, Emilia Lan-Yuk [I0151]
      4. Ip, Lilian Lan-Giu [I0152]