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4yo frustrations: "Just leave the apple and let him scream it out" - WP [via Visible]
photos of cycling, worldwide - SteveMCurry
photographs of East Oxford fish-and-chip shop customers - Guardian
some lovely landscape photography from Iceland - BoredPanda
how cameras can get such strange results from rolling shutters - PetaPixel [via Robbie]
photographs of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s - Guardian
some amazing fungi photos - TreeHugger [via Su]
do I want to buy a new camera? - Oxford Blog
an illustrated history of men being intimate - ArtOfManliness
some fantastic insect photography - AlexWild
I've acquired a new camera, a little Canon Ixus 220 HS - Oxford Blog
where children sleep, worldwide - MyModernMet
amazing close-ups of sand grains - DailyMail [via Su]
photographer - Caroline M. Skilbred
I only knew her briefly, on the My Four Thirds web site, but she gave friendly and helpful advice
some great Iceland photos - CreativeOverflow
brings back memories of my 2003 Iceland trip
some photos of people enjoying the weather - my Oxford blog
an Oxford photo outing - East Oxford chimneys
some amazing geological photography - SmashingApps [via @MargieKinney]
some amazing electron microscope photos - MelodyMaker [via RW]
photos from Merapi's eruption - Boston
photographs of harvest mice - Guardian
photos of dew-covered insects - DailyMail
Britain's class system in a photograph? - Guardian
some biological microphotography - WebEcoist
the creepy things they do to baby photos - Mamamia
a High Dynamic Range photography tutorial - StuckInCustoms
a cricket photographer talks about some of his best photos - Cricinfo [via MichaelHidden]
photos of the world's oldest organisms - RachelSussman [via @epacris71]
hard to track down even a high profile Snow Leopard photo - PDN [via @Beyerstein]
photos from Afghanistan - Boston [via @stilgherrian]
recession photographs from the US, China and Eastern Europe - Boston
Olympus/Panasonic announce a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera mount - DPR
the EVIL camera has finally arrived!
photos from Beerenberg, the world's northernmost volcano - PBase [via DPR]
tourists are part of the travel photography experience - PhilG
Bruce Schneier on the War on Photography - Guardian
wedding photos during an earthquake - Xanga [via DPR]
photos (mostly flowers) from a recent bushwalk - Wog Wog
meerkat photos - Tele [via DPR]
photo-essays: latest on e-waste disposal in China - FP [via /.]
some photos from Germany - Flickr
photos from the Hubble telescope - com
materials microscopy as art - Wired
"porous silicon reproduction of William Blake's Ancient of Days, drawn with a helium beam and etched with hydrofluoric acid"
unlikely exotic photos from Britain - Guardian
"A Wounded Marine Returns Home to Wed" - Majik
a controversial photo wins the 2007 World Press Prize
how camera lenses are made - Canon [via DPR]
videos illustrating the manufacturing process
photos from Niger - jfboyd [needs Flash]
an impressive macro panorama - DPR
(click on the image to view it in full)
a photo-essay on Japan's "love hotels" - Wired
inside a $10 digital camera - TOP
Max Dupain's son nearly arrested with camera on Bondi Beach - News [via EFA]
"Lifeguards and the police are taking the law into their own hands and they regard anyone with a camera as a potential pervert"
a rant about "Full Frame" digital photography - Secrets [via DPR]
some great wildlife photos from Kenya - BirdsArt
some nice nature photography - JuddPatterson [via BirdsArt]
a history of early photography - Neatorama [large single page, via RW]
Magnum Photos is changing with the times - PhysOrg [via RW]
the wonders of online photo criticism - OnlinePhotographer [via LL]
photographic "depth of field" in depth - VanWalree [via DPR]
pre-quake photos of Bantul - TrekEarth
digital cameras leave "noise" fingerprints in photos - Eureka [via Schneier]
photo-documentary of the human costs of Russian nuclear disasters - Guardian [needs Flash]
Geelong camera club forbidden to photograph sensitive locations - Age [via Barista]
but the government refuses to tell them which buildings are off-limits, on security grounds...
ten photos - Kashmir earthquake area now under snow - BBC [via RW]
photos from Borneo - MFT
Calcutta proposes to ban rickshaws - IHT [photo essay]
a brief report on a landscape photography trip to China - LL
winners from a Finnish wildlife photography competition - luontokuva [via DPR]
great photographs and useful information - The Art of Bird Photography [review]
wildlife photos from Kenya - Birds
2005 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners - NHM
an extreme closeup of a little grasshopper - MFT
combining an extension tube (with modified wiring) and a teleconverter
some outstanding African wildlife photographs - DPR - more
I'm thinking of visiting East Africa next year
a panorama from Hovsgol national park, Mongolia - travelogue
my panorama stitching is progressing: I now have hugin working with autopano-sift and enblend
optical illusions and visual phenomena - MichaelBach [via LL]
labs refuse to print photos that are "too professional"?! - SanDiego [via JWalk]
some wildlife photos - seal - crabs - mosquito - alligator [all at MFT]
a Magnum photographer who uses P&S digicams instead of an SLR - RG
who owns your digital photographs? RAW format problems - LL - OpenRaw
twenty one ways to improve your photographs - MFT
a striking photo of Hong Kong - MFT
why most landscape photographs suck - Petteri
photos from an Alaskan glacier hike - MFT
fascinating examples of photojournalist/documentary panoramas - LL
Michael Hoefner's photos from Egypt - MFT
Nikon to encrypt white balance data in its raw files? - PS News [via DPR]
the insidious spread of DRM reaches digital cameras
a ring-tailed possum on my back verandah - photo [300k, 1280x1024 jpeg]
taken with my razor sharp 50mm f/2.0 macro lens - this is a 100% crop with a tiny bit of USM
stunning war/documentary photography - James Nachtwey [via JWalk]
(go through all the galleries, they aren't that big)
do camera lenses need protective filters? - LL
Mike Johnston says no, emphatically
a camera reviewer's life - LL
Photography: A Crash Course [review]
photos with my new telephoto lens - Darter - Eastern Water Dragon
a lorikeet on my back verandah - MFT [my photo]
a paperbark closeup - MFT [my photo]
what is an "unmanipulated" photo? - photo.net
learning how to learn photography - Dan Heller [via DPR]
some fascinating scientific microphotography - EOS
with informative captions
hugin: a great-looking Linux panorama stitching program - Blackfish
a 2.5 gigapixel photograph - TNO [via DPR]
John Stankewitz' photographs - My4/3
some Australian ant photos - MiyakyoU
a visit to NE China in winter - RToddKing [via JWalk]
Beijing, the Great Wall, Harbin, with superb photographs
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