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February 2005

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John Gilmore is not happy about secret security laws - PostGazette [via /.]
apparently a secret law requires ID to be shown before flying in the US
Orhan Pamuk in trouble for speaking out on the Armenian genocide - Guardian
experiences with Finnish - Crikey
I'm back - had a great two weeks away
it may take me a while to select the best hundred or so of the 1600 photos I took...

Jamie Honan was guest blogging
Return of the Prodigal BonesEmail This Entry - Corante - Loom
Hobbit bones returned, but has DNA been contaminated?
Benjamin Disraeli wrote 16 novels - schoolnet [The Little Professor]
Seems to have reflected his outlook.
Debunking betting markets as election predictors - Quiggan - CT
Display usual volatilty to breaking news. Also efficient markets hypothesis.
Jazzed up Physics - Physics 2000 [slash]
Horribly patronising, but informative
Strength through pessimism. - El Reg
LOCKSS to keep data safe. Winston Smith updated the only copy of history.
Antarctica and climate change - El Reg
2004 Koufax Award Winners - Wampum
Astronomers find star-less galaxy - BBC
'Pack ice' suggests frozen sea on Mars - New Scientist
LandSat-7 Compositing HOWTO - Mapping Hacks
Zero intelligence trading closely mimics stock market - New Scientist
Microsoft IsNot patent application - El Reg
Also discussion on Slashdot
As Gonzo in Life as in His Work - Opinion Journal
Tom Wolfe on Hunter S. Thompson
Human 'dental chaos' linked to evolution of cooking - New Scientist
Iranian Bloggers Imprisoned - RSF [Quiggan]
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator - CCLE [Slashdot]
Savant for a day
Literary Blog - dervala [Barista]
America's worst race riot - Financial Times [Crooked Timber]
Online fraud could dent economies - El Reg
RSA Security Conference
Danny here: I'm in Whitianga, on the Coromandel Peninsula
We've had a great five days so far, with glorious weather. Camilla has been conferencing, so I've taken the car and gone off by myself - I did an overnight walk to the Pinnacles and today I've just driven to Coromandel Town and done a couple of short walks near there.
Spiegel English Language Page - Spiegel
Commemoration of WW II Dresden bombing
Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors - Wired [slashdot]
Blog of a bespoke savile row tailor, London - English Cut
Adverblogging, nicely done. Strangely informative
Business Casual - Geek Etiquette [Haddock]
Subtle rules of workplace clothing
DansData - Aus hardware reviews and articles - DansData
Dan back after moving house. LGA775 is about motherboard form factors.
Death of a Playwright - Guardian
Arthus Miller dies at 89
Opera calls MS on interoperability. - El Reg
Quiggan's critique of the WA canal proposal - quiggan
Back of the envelope reality check
Short roundup of open source push in Latin America - EL Reg
Web techniques behind google mapping - jgwebber [/.]

Thailand: what GDP figures don't measure - IHT
Amazonian tree ants can control their descent when they fall - New Scientist
debtors in Pakistan are selling their kidneys - Guardian
Iraq and the American Civil War - Intervention [via AntiWar]
an Islamic Iraq would have cricket but no chess - Independent [via AntiWar]
An Economist's Tale - CT - Amazon - UK
how blinkered World Bank ideologues nearly created a famine in Sierra Leone
do lobsters feel pain when cooked? - Guardian
evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr has died - Nature
the only book I have reviewed is The Evolutionary Synthesis
are there such things as "phrasal prepositions"? - Lang
Geoffrey Pullum versus the Chicago Manual of Style: "things have been discovered about English grammar in the last hundred years"
sharing as a modality of economic production - Economist - YaleLaw [PDF]
do camera lenses need protective filters? - LL
Mike Johnston says no, emphatically
cane toads advance on Darwin - Register
but over-enthusiastic locals have been killing native giant frogs
Japanese panel worries that young people don't speak proper - Guardian
was the UK Hercules downed by multiple SA-18 missiles? - Australian [via AntiWar]
a profile of Al-Sayid Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani - MSNBC [via Informed]
Israel seizes more land on the West Bank - WP
Juan Cole versus Jonah Goldberg - Informed
hardly a fair match-up!
medical care in Abu Ghraib - Time [via AntiWar]
Togo's dictator dies: any chance for real change? - HH
there are serious problems with the US patent system - IEEE [via Link]
Brazil sets the pace with free software - Reuters [via OSWALD]
"the first nation requiring all software programs developed by taxpayer funds to be licensed as open-source"
how open are Microsoft's Office formats? - MSmonitor [via OSWALD]
new thinking about bird brains - IHT [via ProRev]
"an international group of avian experts is issuing what amounts to a manifesto"
a first-hand account from Guantanamo Bay - Guardian
words fail me: by the standards of evidence used to hold this guy, everyone involved with Guantanamo Bay could be executed for war crimes
a brutal return to absolute monarchy in Nepal - Guardian
caught between Maoist rebels and feudal Hindu monarchy
an Israeli prosecutor at the Hague tribunal - Haaretz [via HH]
tales of the numinous in a South Indian village - The Legends of Khasak [review]
the star-nosed mole is among the world's fastest eaters - Eureka [via JWZ]
The Cuddly Menace - BitFurnace [via JWZ]
Orthodox Jews are three times as likely to jaywalk - New Scientist [via JWalk]
according to a study in "Transportation Research Part F (vol 7, p 395)"
a study of CD-R/DVD-R reliability - NIST [700k PDF, via /.]
"Samples containing phthalo-cyanine performed better than other dye types. In particular, phthalocyanine combined with a gold-silver alloy as a reflective layer was consistently more stable than all other types of CD-R media."
Sey Hersh: "We've been taken over by a cult" - CP [via ProRev]
"Let's all forget this word 'insurgency'. It's one of the most misleading words of all."
my Google referrals are down to 15% of normal
this blog is about the only page with normal traffic, since it never gets much from search engines
(a hint that I should keep blogging but give up writing?)
the US defense budget for 2006 is $420 billion without Iraq or Afghanistan - Reuters
seven UK soldiers face murder charges over Iraq killings - Guardian
understanding terror networks - FPRI [via CT]
a look at 400 anti-US terrorists and their backgrounds
debating the Koran with Al-Qaeda members - CSM
the science of male pregnancy - RYT [via Bifurcated]
this is a hoax - a pretty elaborate one!
postcards from Russia - BBC [via Bifurcated]
I wish the BBC would put up larger images
UK authors want a cut of secondhand sales; charities are opposed - Times [via Moor]
"Oxfam has become the largest retailer of second-hand books in Europe"
early election returns from Iraq - NYT [via AntiWar]
looks like the United Iraqi Alliance will have a clear majority
Bush's triumphalist march of folly continues - Guardian
a guide to sleeping in airports - SIA [via JWalk]
the iPod is popular with Microsoft employees - Wired
progress on discrimination in property sales in Israel - HH
it's not just Israeli Arabs who face barriers
rethinking nuclear power - Wired
"The more seriously you take the idea of global warming, the more seriously you have to take nuclear power"
Gaza ceasefire looks like falling apart already - Guardian
a brief history of the US attack on democracy in Iran - FFF [via AntiWar]
a royal coup in Nepal - Guardian - Economist
finally some rain in Sydney's water supply catchment! - BOM
that's the Wollondilly, Coxs, and Nattai rivers
the Babu is addicted to buying books - Kit
I have a bit of a problem in this area myself...
Hieronymous Bosch action figures?! - Mouseion [via JWZ]
Islamic extremists threaten Dutch freedom of speech - IHT
an interview with a link/comment spammer - Register

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