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June 2005

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Pithy games market stats - shrapnel [RW]
Like book publishing, most generate a loss
Home made spectroscope - scitoys [RW]
Looks great for year 7-12 science assignment. Also has links to other projects
Children should talk to strangers - Schneier on Security
if a child is in distress, asking the help of a stranger is probably the best possible thing he can do
Dionysus, meet Jesus - LJ entry [Blackbeltjones]
Surveillance, technocratic expertise, comedy, rock music and party hats
info and macro photos of NZ fungi and friends - The Hidden Forest
includes photos of slime moulds
Magical Faery Cups on June's Fungus of The Month - FoTM
(oh oh - forgot the link the first time...)
Magical Faery Cups on June's Fungus of The Month -
the wonderful Tom Volk of FoTM has been ill - all the best for a continued speedy recovery!
The Computable Plant - UC Irvine
Quantum theories of consciousness - SEP
Some of them are not altogether insane
How Venture Capital Thwarts Innovation - IEEE Spectrum
according to two venture capitalists...
Partha Dasgupta on sustainability and Jared Diamond's neglect of economics - LRB
What would one of Dasgupta's sustainability calculations have looked like for the classic Maya?
Yet another new major branch of the tree of life - GiantVirus
Including links to the 100 largest viral genomes
Free and legal classical mp3's - Classic Cat
Sheet music and midi as well. Not all free.
the coldest capital city in the world
the hotel thermometer says 27C in the shade... there's hardly a cloud in the sky and Ulaanbaatar's broad largely treeless avenues are damn hot
Danny in Ulaanbaatar
the most unexpected thing about Ulaanbaatar is how well dressed everyone is - most of the women wear high heels, many of them narrow stillettos, which is an unnatural combination with Third World pavements. And the local supermarkets have a great range of Eastern European packaged foods.
Wikipedia in Latin - Vicipaedia [Slurry]
"Ave! Vicipaedia cooperandi opus est ut creatur Libera Encyclopaedia. Omnes ad participandum invitati sunt."
LiveJournal of photos of dead machines - Decayed Machinery
The history and archaeometallurgy of wootz steel - IISC [Nanopolitan]
Exported from India to the Middle East in medieval times, wootz was used to make
Free and legal classical mp3's - Classic Cat
Sheet music and midi as well. Not all free.
Unlikely comedy about two dublin junkies - IHT [RW]
Jamie, Cosma, and Camilla are guest blogging

the US loses control of Ramadi (again) - Guardian
one accidental killing in Iraq: how many go uncounted? - CD [via RW]
the first confirmed fragging in Iraq? - CentCom [vi AntiWar]
interview with an advocate for Chinese chess - ChessB [via RW]
there's a white whale off the eastern Australian coast - ABC
the US isn't serious about stopping nuclear terrorism - NYpress
an issue where New Yorkers should be out in front
50 non-combat deaths per week is normal for the Russian army - Ind [via RW]
which household appliances use the most power? - CSM [via RW]
a high-tech system for deterring Torah theft - Wired [via Crypto]
"With a fair market value of around $50,000 for a new scroll, $9,000 for a used one, Judaism's sacred text is in some ways a perfect underground commodity."
the Kurdish police and security are kidnapping Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk - WP [via AntiWar]
with feeble protestations by US officials
20 US senators refuse to co-sponsor a symbolic motion opposing lynching - Majik
obituary for Portuguese communist leader Alvaro Cunhal - Guardian
mosquito-killing fungi may help fight against malaria - IHT
a provoking essay on Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game - NCSU [via K5]
rethinking nuclear power in the United States - MSNBC
Nigerian scammers learn new tricks - MSNBC
the Palestinians in Gaza wait warily on an Israeli withdrawal - IHT
Brahmins and Dalits (untouchables) join forces in Uttar Pradesh caste war - Guardian
free software in the developing world - FSmag [via OSWALD]
"'Freedom' is something NGOs always talk about"
the US is unhappy about Israel's arms sales to China - Guardian
am I notable enough to warrant a Wikipedia entry of my own? - Wiki
I don't think my local notability in multiple small niches warrants a place in a general purpose encyclopedia
a nice intro to the evolution of cats, with pictures - Rasmussen [via Cosma]
computers have got much cheaper, but no easier to use - WSJ [via RW]
"A Dell spokesman notes that the cost of the components that make up a PC drop an average of half a percent a week."
New Zealand's Tongariro Crossing - my report, with photos
definitely one of the world's great day walks
a five part interview with Richard Lewontin - Berkeley [from 2003, but new to me]
biomimetics: how engineering learns from nature - Economist
a merciless dissection of an Indian family - The Last Burden [review]
the latest "just so" story for the origin of language - Lang [via Cosma]
we evolved language so we could eat dead elephants
unlike Fatah, Hamas can keep the streets clean - Sunday [via AntiWar]
marine fossils reveal 600m year old fungi-algae symbiosis - Innovations
"symbiotic relationships between fungi and algae may have evolved long before the colonization of land by land-based lichens and green plants"
Howard Zinn on the evils of nationalism - Progressive
I want to read his People's History of the United Staes (Amazon link)
a step forward for Chinese literature in English translation? - Guardian [via CR]
of the books mentioned, I've read Shen Congwen's Imperfect Paradise and Xiaolu Guo's Village of Stone
Mark V. Shaney is blogging! - MVS [via Wiki]
justice for Mississippi killings, 40 years on? - Guardian
working as a fortune cookie writer - NYorker [via ProRev]
"Don't have too complicated a mind. Think in ten-word sentences."
an obituary for an American anarchist - Reason [via MLite]
the influence of foreign law on the United States - Economist
a Dutch colonel is cross-examined at the Srebrenica trial - Guardian
China and India "discussing" their border in Ladakh - IndExp
"the gap between the respective claims of India and China at the moment is rather large"
US contractors versus US marines in Iraq - AntiWar
Mt McKinley is covered in faeces - NewScientist
racism is a big part of Bolivia's problems - CSM
Manila is safe from malaria - pollution has driven away the mosquitos - Phil [via Macam]
nine mammals, four others targetted by NHGRI for sequencing - Eureka [via RW]
labs refuse to print photos that are "too professional"?! - SanDiego [via JWalk]
Egypt created a Potemkin school for Laura Bush - Pharaoh [via JWalk]
more than half the world's sex-toys are manufactured in China - Helsingin [via RW]
"I haven't actually told my parents precisely what it is I do for a living here"
David Bellos on translating Ismail Kadare (via Vrioni's French translation) - CR
"It is often difficult for French publishers to imagine just how hard it is for foreign fiction to get a hearing in the US and the UK"
is the US military hierarchy learning anything from Iraq? - Chicago [via AntiWar]
"They don't understand this kind of warfare. They want to return to war as they envision it. That's not going to happen."
a mood for change in Egypt - Economist
socially learned tool-use in dolphins - NewSci [via RW]
they break marine sponges off the seafloor and wear them over their snouts when foraging
the evolution of beetle horns - Loom
US Supremes rule against medical marijuana - Guardian
"The three dissenting votes came from conservatives [including] chief justice Rehnquist"
artificial gills for breathing underwater? - Isra [via /.]
book returns: the bane of the publishing industry - PostGaz [via CR]
it sounds like a big waste of resources, too, trucking unsold books around the country
Google still won't find me - "inner quarters patricia ebrey book review" [search]
my review now ranks 73rd on that search - and this is typical of all books/searches
Maglev from London to Glasgow? - Guardian
"it would make domestic air travel virtually obsolete"
short piece on free software in Brazil - BBC [via OSWALD]
literary manifestos - Infernokrusher - Mundane SF [via MLite]
the CIA offers covert "scholarships" for anthropology students - BBC [via SideS]
fantasising futures for the European Union - Guardian
legalising marijuana would save the US $10-$15 billion a year - ProhibCosts [via ProRev]
video of Srebrenica killings puts pressure on Serbia - Guardian
"Pressure is now mounting on them to arrest at least Mladic"
debates about the role of Islam in Malaysia - Economist
The Book of Postfix: State-of-the-Art Message Transport [review]
dinosaur theories that are too loony even for the creationists - LJ
medical journals are marketing units for pharma companies - PLOS [via Majik]
they've devolved into "information laundering operations"
Ismail Kadare wins the ManBooker International Prize - CR - my Kadare reviews
wacko conservatives' 10 "most harmful" books of the last 200 years - HumanEvents [via Billmon]
but why weren't they allowed to burn Aristotle and Plato as well?
some wildlife photos - seal - crabs - mosquito - alligator [all at MFT]
Iraq's oil workers union will fight privatisation - Guardian
a Magnum photographer who uses P&S digicams instead of an SLR - RG
a profile of HP Lovecraft - Guardian [via RW]
CDC epidemiology team called in for West Virginia obesity outbreak - Guardian
full-steam ahead for free software in South America - CIO [via Link] - CC
China is car-crazy, but few drive long distances - Economist
"a 46-year-old office worker who spent the lunar new year holiday driving 6,000km around China says that now is the best time to be a car owner, because the newly built intercity expressways are still so free of cars"
more on the 50 fastest changing genes in human evolution - Corante - Pharyngula
Norodom Sihanouk is blogging? - Yahoo [via SideS] - norodomsihanouk
3D firefighting: Americans try the European approach - Wired
biting dissection of John Howard on mandatory detention - Bartlett [via RtoS]
"Soon they'll be offering legal assistance for the imprisoned children to sue their mums and dads"
India bans smoking in films and television shows - Guardian
controversial Israeli documentary on Palestine - Guardian [via Informed]
long analysis of US grand strategy - Army [via Informed]
administration policy offers only rhetoric, not substance
extracting resources from Africa - Guardian
colonies aren't necessary, compliant dictators work just fine
Amin Maalouf's novel of the year 1666 - Balthasar's Odyssey [review]
President General Musharraf is not going anywhere in a hurry - Economist
character encoding trauma: the move from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
if you spot problems with characters like é (e acute) on my web sites, please let me know...
Fourier Optics: An Introduction [review]
key events in the history of the Indian National Congress - TeleInd [via Kit]
"Gandhi's oddness and celebrity have encouraged historians to underestimate the degree to which he was shaped by the Congress that he inherited"
flies live longest on a low protein, low fat diet - NewSci
ultra-Orthodox Jews turn to movie-making - Go [via RW]
Siberian forests at risk from huge fires - Guardian
I'll be seeing areas of taiga forest in northern Mongolia
two US conscientious objectors have won Medals of Honour - Far
Iraqi insurgents turning up with Italian handguns - WatchAm [via RW]

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