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November 2022

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the European Central Bank on bitcoin - ECB
planning is key to public health improvement - Planner
the drama of the cabinet decision on Oxford's traffic filters - Oxford Blog
no more free parking anywhere in Utrecht - NOS [in Dutch]
the US Supreme Court's hubris is undermining its legitimacy - UnPopulist
Berlin's ex-airport Tempelhof is part of its identity - BBC
a British engineer looks at a Dutch woonerf - Ranty Highwayman
a largish advertiser explains why they are halting their Twitter spend - blind
four new SI prefixes: ronna, quetta, ronto, and quecto - NPL
"Children are eight times more likely to die when struck by a SUV compared to children struck by a passenger car" - Journal of Safety Research
just ban these things from city centres now
the "who invented the toaster?" hoax - BBC
on the role of the arts in education - Michael Rosen
"proper binmen" and British social nostalgia - Guardian
the UK should maintain active travel funding - it's worth tens of billions to the economy - Sustrans
dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models are crap - Bactra
a guide to London's best bollards - Londonist
the Australian lillipilly is the world's largest tree genus, with 1200 species across the world - Conversation
"Home Invasion": a local's perspective on the twitter migration to mastodon - Hugh Rundle
oldest known written sentence found on Canaanite nit comb: "May this tusk root out the lice of the hair and the beard." - New Scientist
What are TROs? How does transport planning connect to communities? - Mark Philpotts (Ranty Highwayman) / Delib [podcast + full transcript]
single mothers do less housework and have more leisure time than married mothers - Psychology Today
content moderation in decentralised social media, with Mastodon as a case study - Journal of Free Speech Law
academics consider leaving Twitter for Mastodon - Science [via @kakape@mas.to]
School Streets schemes for Oxfordshire - Oxford Blog
the county should proactively plan schemes at those locations where they will have the most effect, not wait on schools
the strange death (murder?) of the Uyghur Internet - Wired [via Uyghur Human Rights Project]
the failure of Vision Zero in US cities - Bloomberg
"You need to make radical choices in terms of reallocation of space, otherwise the decline in deaths simply is not going to happen."
the fate of the Ninth - Ancient Warfare [PDF]
"the destruction of the Ninth Legion in a British war at the beginning of Hadrian's reign is a very weak theory. There is no direct evidence for any of the required elements"
a perspective on cyber-security - NCSC
do e-scooters dispace car use? evidence from a natural experiment - Nature


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