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April 2023

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the movement to make cities child-friendly again - Conversation
drones and artillery are a key combination in Ukraine - 1945
the controversy over Abingdon's proposed water reservoir - Guardian
London's housing market is driving away families, schools are closing - FT
what is it actually like living in a 15-minute neighbourhood? - HuckMag
the iceberg of harm from road danger - Oxford Blog
"This in turn contributes to the 1 in 6 deaths in the UK — and a huge range of chronic health problems — that are attributable to physical inactivity."
TV shows on active travel need more experts and fewer conspiracy theorists - road.cc
Trotsky on the Ukraine-Russia war - Workers Liberty
a whole story about the bollard on our street - BBC
conflicting definitions: The _Mekong River_ and the _Mekong economic subregion_ are fundamentally at odds with one other - Diplomat
meet Amsterdam's microcars - Not Just Bikes [video]
Utrecht is already a 15-minute city - Journal of Urban Mobility
remembering Dubravka Ugresic - Guardian
a world of blocs? - CSIS
200 years ago it was horses rather than cars plaguing Oxford - Bodleian
the courage of Vladimir Kara-Murza, "as a historian" - Adam Tooze
how Tokyo became the world's most pedestrian-friendly large city - Heatmap
the physics of cycling - Ciechanowski
"an increasing dose-response relationship between road traffic noise and incident primary hypertension" - BBC - JACC
"road traffic noise and air pollution may have synergistic effects"
what would serious action on the climate emergency look like? - SGR
Amsterdam has plans to reduce the number of cars in its centre - Bloomberg
"the street changes [won't] be expensive to implement: Large pots with plantings can serve as bollards to halt vehicles"


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