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September 2023

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120 years of the War on Cars - Guardian
China's online feminist movement - Rest of World
a critique of bus franchising - Bus and Train User
"Honestly, I think the city council should consider the tire spikes thing" - xkcd
"The idea that some people may freely poison others is one of the most astonishing but least contested aspects of modern life" - Guardian
interesting critique of the Strong Towns movement - Current Affairs
speeding is a contributing factor in half of traffic collisions - Auto Express
the UK has no official record of electoral results - Jack Bailey
we don't even know how many people voted in 1945!
the minimum width for cycle lanes in the Netherlands is now 2.3 metres - Dutch Cycling
plans for what looks like a really nice Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Islington - LetsTalk
China has a battery-electric container ship, Australia is building a 130m pure-electric ferry - Electrive - Incat
Lord Sugar and UK tax exiles - Tax Policy
modern cars are a privacy nightmare - the worst product category of all - Mozilla
"dating apps and sex toys publish more detailed security information than cars"
who now would let motor traffic back into Trafalgar Square? - SNC Lavalin
why do Australians think they have the best coffee in the world? - Carbon Kopi [via WanderingRichard]


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