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Individual sites are listed either under friends, acquaintances, and other people (largely static content) or on my blogroll (bloggers). And there is a separate page of book review sites and sources.

Sites that primarily provide links are marked (L).

News, Politics and General

Asia TimesAsia Times
Economistthe Economist
GoogleGoogle News(L) a nice overview of the print media
Guardianthe Guardian
OneWorldOne Worldsocial justice
RottenRotten(L) often tasteless
SMHSydney Morning HeraldSydney's leading daily
(My household has subscriptions to the print editions of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian Weekly.)

Books and Films

ALDArts and Literature Daily(L)
CRthe Complete Reviewbook reviews and the publishing world
IMDBInternet Movie Databasemovie reference site
NYROBNew York Review of Booksbook reviews, updated quasi-monthly

Information Technology and Politics

EFAElectronic Frontiers Australiaan online civil liberties group
K5Kuro5hin(L) less tech-focused than Slashdot
linkthe Link Listbroad Australian network issues list
LWNLinux Weekly News(L)
OSWALDOpen Source Law Weekly
Registerthe Register

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