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Smear tactics, then and now

It's interesting to compare Alston's latest release with one of Jeff Shaw's from 1996:



The Attorney General Mr Jeff Shaw, QC, MLC, today explained the draft internet regulation legislation to members of the internet community who had apparently misunderstood the plans.

"Despite their protests, those who support total freedom on the internet have yet to explain to me why material involving paedophilia should be readily available and encouraged on the internet", he said.



Alston concerned by threats to Internet protections

'The Government's proposals are designed to protect Australian children from highly offensive and illegal material on the internet in the same way that children are protected from this material on television and radio, and in films, videos, books and magazines.

'Any attempt to interfere with these protections will have the effect of making it easier for paedophiles, drug-pushers, racists, and criminals to pollute the internet.

[DEAD http://www.dcita.gov.au/Article/0,,0_1-2_1-4_13756,00.html]

It's exactly the same thing: an attempt to smear opponents as supporters of paedophilia. This even though the legislation in question has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with paedophilia. Child pornography and child-abuse are already illegal in all parts of Australia and, since Alston's proposed regime won't touch private communications (or so he assures us), it will have no effect at all on the bogeymen drug-pushers, terrorists, and so forth.

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