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Money + Materialism
Ethical Investment + Sustainability in Australia

in which I document my experience as a capitalist roader


Though only Norway meets it, there's a nominal target of 0.7% of GNP for foreign aid contributions by rich nations. That also seems like a reasonable minimum level for charitable giving by rich individuals.

The charities I've given money to include Oxfam Australia (largely because of my historical connection with them, working as a volunteer on their website), AidWatch and Bush Heritage.

Ethical Investment

Much of my assets are in ethical investments: an ethical cash management account, an ethical managed fund and an ethical listed investment company.

I also hold direct shares in Australian companies which have what I consider ethical management and operations. If I had more money to invest I might consider private investment through a broker such as Social Ventures Australia.


I have no illusions that charity and ethical investment are a replacement for politics when it comes to fighting poverty.


This page describes my personal investments.


I have a well-paid part-time job at the university and make a respectable supplement to that from my web sites. I am, and feel, very affluent — except when it came to buying a house in Sydney, which made me suddenly feel poor again. (For various reasons I think residential property investment is greatly overrated.)

Resource consumption

I live in medium-density housing (a terrace) and make fairly average use of infrastructure such as power, water, sewage, etc. Eating out is my largest regular consumption of services. I cycle to work and mostly use public transport, but we sometimes drive long distances on holidays. As far as physical goods go, I have a large collection of books and some camera gear.

Overseas travel is probably my major drain on the world's resources, and is certainly my biggest contribution to greenhouse emissions. I'm trying to take fewer but longer trips.

Largely luck rather than merit

I am well-off because of my family: I've inherited some money directly, mostly from my grandmother, but my parents also put me through university and I was able to save money by living at home.


I've read a bit of economics and a few "business" books, but next to nothing on investing or making money - most of the books I've seen in those areas seem pretty feeble.

Danny Yee