Danny Yee

Friends and Acquaintances

People are at the centre of my world, so it makes sense to organise a view of the Web around them. Of course it won't always be the case that people whose sites I find exceptionally interesting or who I happen to know personally (left- and right-hand columns, though there is overlap) will interest everyone who finds my own pages useful, but the annotations should let you make a reasonable guess.

This page covers people with static content. There is a separate list of blogs - and you might want to check out my own blog, Pathologically Polymathic.

* I haven't met this person in the flesh
** I haven't exchanged email with them

Cosma Shalizi
is an eclectic physicist, with my pick as the world's most interesting homepage.
Terry Tao**
is a mathematician.
Irene Graham
is the best source for information about censorship in Australia.
Richard Stallman
is the inspiration of the free software movement. He's also a gamelan player.
Philip Greenspun
offers travelogues, web publishing resources (and services), photos, ...
Roger Clarke
is one of Australia's leading privacy advocates and network policy experts.
Brian Martin
monitors suppression of dissent.
M. A. Orthofer*
runs the Complete Review
Dennis Harrison
runs the Albion Beatnik
Herbert Gintis
is a polymathic economist
Vladimir Dinets*
is a Russian naturalist
Brett Tabke*
runs WebmasterWorld
Mary Anne Mohanraj*
writes first-class erotica and collects information about writing and sexuality.
Cameron Laird*
is one of my oldest advisors (and builds integration software).
Julia Hayden*
maintains The Ancient World Web (among other resources).
is an Australian anarchist activist.
Hugh Jarvis*
does anthropology stuff.
Eric Walker*
maintains Great SF & and F
Jorn Barger*
edits the Robot Wisdom weblog
Eve Andersson*
is into travel, photography, and pi, inter alia
Richard MacKinnon**
studies cyberculture
Jonathan Wallace*
edits The Ethical Spectacle
Ellen Hayes*
Peter Gutman**
is a computer security expert
Seth Finkelstein*
is an anti-censorship campaigner and no fan of libertarianism.
is an anti-censorship campaigner and a libertarian.
Dan Foss*
is widely considered to be either a madman or a genius... or both!
Eric S. Raymond*
offers an assortment of free software resources, as well as the Hacker's Dictionary.
William Calvin*
is a footloose scientist and an author.
Adina Levin**
has a book/tech/politics blog
Simon Paul Travaglia**
is the Bastard Operator From Hell
Mary Adam*
is based in Trinidad and runs Folio Books.
Peter Bowditch
maintains ratbags.com
Rowland Croucher*
runs John Mark Ministries
There's a separate list of book reviewers.

Langen Suka

Past and present gamelan players from Sydney: Anne Bourke, Caitlin Yeo, Cassy Nancarrow, David Shannon, Giles Gaskell, Grace Chang, Jacqueline Morton, Janine Marshman, Jenny Fraser, Kim Frost, Peggy Polias Prue Gibbs, Roger Gilchrist, Rita Williams, Savita Sanderson, Tabitha Williams, Thom Stewart, Tracey Kinchington, and Vi King Lim.

Amanda Wrigley
a cultural historian working on the contextual histories of radio and television in 20th-century Britain
Andrew Mathas
studies the modular representation theory of the Iwahori-Hecke algebras and the associated "q-Schur" algebras.
Bruce Yabsley
is a high-energy physicist
Camilla Ip
is into natural history, photography, and music
Carole Cusack
only has a departmental "staff" page.
Daniel Burn
maintains a small amount of placeholder text.
Dave Pritchard*
could write poetry for the Journal of Fluid Dynamics
David Mar
David Moss
is Dr Dave
Elizabeth Reid*
Emma Proudfoot
has moved on since this page was created
Fred Curtis
is an alien.
Geordie Guy
is totally obsessed with food
Hannah and Gareth
took a year off to travel around the world
James Howison
is an information activist
Jen Wong
Jennifer Yee
has written up some of her experiences living in France.
Jo Chee
has joined the navy.
Jocelyn Hungerford
John Dodson
is my boss
Justine Lera
Kathleen Azali
Liz Batty
is a computational biologist and a geek
Lydia Kieven
studies Javanese culture
Marion Kohler
is a central banker
Mark Lauer
Mark V. Shaney
would like to be present everywhere.
Matthew Arnison
works for Canon, but is still an activist
Matthew Geier
Matty Farrow
Michael Usher
Michelle Marquardt
is the author of Blue Silence
Mick Pope
is a cyclist and a photographer
Nathaniel Wapshere
is listing novels
Nick Verne
is back in Sydney
Ronni Martin
is a community activist
Roseanne Bersten
is an editor and a modern mama
Rowena Henery
Rosie Jones
Sarah Weiss
taught me gamelan
Sean Carmody
is a stubborn mule
Simon Rumble
Stephanie Alford
Steph Wade*
Sushila Burgess
is an artist.
Steve Krinks
does green marketing
Steven Sommer
Thomas Lepeltier
writes Revue de Livres
Tim "Paddles" Anderson
is a photographer, currently in between web sites
Tom Holub
is a Californian cyclist
Vic Gosbell
is a bushwalker.

People who don't have web sites
(but maybe should)

Amanda Bray
Anna Hansen
Andrew Campbell
Catherine Playoust
Gabi Duigu
Jane Sloan
Melanie Heyworth
Peter Krinks
Richard Rannard
Ruth Fleming
Samantha Harvey

People I Miss

John J. Reilly*
was into millenarianism and spelling reform and also wrote book reviews.
Mike Salovesh
Pui Chi "Percy" Ip
was into drains, hardware recyling, and chemistry, inter alia
Ralph Seberry
chess-champion and hacker
Wolfgang Gunter Schmidt
my grandfather
David Hogan (Dhog)
Unix and Plan 9 hacker
David Jackson
died in 1998.
John Mackin
died in January 1996.
Dave Rindos*

People I have lost contact with

Jacqui Spedding
Kirsten Harley
Metta Moore
Sue McNerney

Oxford People

Janet McKnight

Note: a lot of these people are from Sydney, Australia.

Danny Yee