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December 2022

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did modern mammals (placental and marsupial) originate in Gondwana? - Australian Geographic
Orwell on Dickens - Orwell Foundation
the current decline in UK productivity is unprecedented in the last 250 years - NIER
an analysis of Zelensky's address to Congress - Fallows
"owning a car is wasteful and should be discouraged by governments" - acording to 21% of drivers under 40 - Bolt
Elmira Nazirova and Shostakovich's 10th Symphony - Azerbaijan
stronger support in London and New York for reducing or removing cars than in Paris - Cycling Industry News
a geographical perspective on the latest India-China border clashes - ASPI
Derby City Council commits to teaching all primary school children to cycle - TransportXtra
something for Oxfordshire or Oxford City to emulate?
what would it mean to guarantee Russian security? - Lawrence Freedman
why has the water south of Greenland been cooling? some basic thermal physics - Real Climate
shutting down Sellafield is going to take a century and cost more than £120 billion - Guardian
why fusion power will never happen
(other options are always going to be cheaper)
Elon Musk is a reactionary populist - Aaron Rupar
without leadership, Twitter enters the red zone, facing landlords, California, the EU, and the FTC - Max Burns
is Amsterdam really removing 10,000 parking spaces? and is it removing the right ones? - Not Just Bikes [20 minute video]
the details of Canterbury's proposed circulation system - Canterbury City Council [PDF]
"the diffusion of electric SUVs does not necessarily contribute to mitigating car emissions in Europe" - J Cleaner Production
why encrypted backups are a central privacy issue - Cryptography Engineering
Tolkien realised cars would destroy Oxford - Discovering Urbanism
"the spirit of 'Isengard', if not of Mordor, is of course always cropping up. The present design of destroying Oxford in order to accommodate motor-cars is a case."
it's hard to get a driving license in the Netherlands - StreetsBlog
road crashes from a child public health perspective - BMJ
"Last year, 27 450 people were killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads. This is a public health matter, and health inequalities play a big part. Children in the most deprived 20% of areas are six times more likely to be injured than those in the least deprived 20%"
the history of Sydney Uni's Eastern Avenue - Honi Soit
YouTube is banned in China, so any YouTube influencers there are government propagandists - Rest of World
"Content from tense frontiers like Xinjiang is being swamped by a litany of rural scenery and delicious food."
an Amazon Web Services perspective on blockchain - TBray
(as the Australian Stock Exchange writes off its $165 million blockchain project)
the Nile delta will struggle with climate change - Quartz


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