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January 2023

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"What toddlers can teach road authorities about the Ultimate Safe System approach: less blame, more focus on outcomes" - TRL
researchers have quantified how much capybaras enjoy a hot bath - Vice
the right not to be forced to have fun at work - New Yorker
the Ajami writing system used by several West African languages - Boston University
this is the documentary on Modi that Twitter, Facebooks, etc. are censoring - BBC
"Precision is the Product of a System, not a Munition" - War On The Rocks
Brexit is still destroying British small businesses - Guardian
a longer look at Utrecht's planned Merwede development - NRC [in Dutch, needs translation]
6000 homes and 10000 people on 24 hectares, limited cars in peripheral garages
hosting one's own email is no longer possible? - CFenollosa
Japan: thirty years of deflation, aging, and resistance to change - BBC
"As soon as you move in, your new home is worth less than what you paid for it and after you've finished paying off your mortgage in 40 years, it is worth almost nothing."
the Māori and the macron - Spinoff [comic]
a comprehensive safety survey of the pedestrian crossings of Oxford's ring-road - Moomin Dave
we're in desperate need of safer roads for walking, cycling and living - ETA - Vimeo
the entshittification of Tiktok (following Facebook, Twitter, Google etc) - Pluralistic
people (including those who don't drive) don't think straight when cars are involved - Guardian - PsyArXiv
Copenhagen is removing 600 out of 1050 parking places in its core - DR [in Danish]
non-exhaust emissions from buses - Sustainability
"the trade-offs between driving conditions, Euro 6 diesel-to-battery electric weight increase and regenerative braking technology performance"
Islington commits to six more low traffic neighbourhoods - BBC
Citroen is betting on smaller cars rather than SUVs - Auto Express
"Cities should not just build green transport but actively dismantle car infrastructure" - Dezeen
Oxfordshire's Botley West solar farm would be the largest in Europe - Carbon Commentary
Peter Singer and the Romans - Helen Dale
car dependency leaves millions in transport poverty - Guardian
Lambeth's kerbside management policy - Lambeth
a look at Cambridge's two Dutch-style junctions: the CYCLOPS signal junction on Histon Rd and the Fendon Rd roundabout - Norwich Cycling Campaign
32% of Oxford households have no car - ONS
independent bookshop numbers at a 10-year high: a rare bit of good news for the UK - Guardian
sewage in water is a public health problem - GOV.UK
the challengers facing head teachers - Being Brave!
an overview of Dutch cycling, and the effects of the pandemic - Bicycle Dutch
two effective anti-obesity drugs - Ground Truths
Iran's unrest in historical context - Comment is Freed
Oslo's guide to car-free liveability - Oslo
"the inhabitants of Oslo would like more green areas, more benches and free seating, more culture and more human activity in the streets... better roads that accommodate cyclists, better public transport and fewer cars in the city centre"
how women get around Karachi - Futuress
Norway now wants people to use the bus, not their electric cars - Drive
a Conservative argument for properly pricing car use - Spectator
"a petrol-headed populism which rather than supporting individualism, instead takes away freedom of choice, as public and human-powered transport options are squeezed out by car dominance"
Italy's neofascists target their journalist critics - Intercept


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