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February 2023

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why did fertility decline so early in France? - Works In Progress
Icelandic companies approve lockout of 20,000 workers - Iceland Review
"who wouldn't want to live where key facilities are within a short walk or cycle ride?" - Cycling UK
Nigeria goes to the polls - Guardian
San Francisco cycling and the first Critical Mass - KQED
night trains are making a comeback in Europe - Back On Track
a Good Move: Brussels' low traffic neighbourhoods and central pedestrianisation are working - Eurocities - Brussels Times
journalism and trans people - Onion
positive results from trials of a 4 day week - 4dayweek
from Great Salt Lake to Poison Dust Bowl? - Guardian
an interview with a Ukrainian artillery commander - War Translated / Pravda Ukraine
Budapest staging a War and Peace opera highlights Hungary's political stance - Guardian
Transport for London's analysis of its main road 20mph limits - TfL
"collisions involving a vulnerable road user decreased by 36 per cent, while collisions resulting in death or serious injury decreased by 25 per cent"
success in the search for "spherical cubes" - Quanta
pushed into the shadows, the Cultural Revolution still haunts modern China - Guardian
cars and roads in Wales: a review - National Infrastructure Commission Wales
"our guiding policy frameworks require us to recommend a rebalancing of policy away from enabling private car use and in favour of active travel and public transport, with social justice being key amongst them"
understanding indoor air pollution - Nature
how bar-headed geese fly over the Himalayas - Physiology (Bethesda)
Lyndon Johnson is looking better fifty five years on - Guardian
two decades as an Oxford classics librarian - Antigone
collisions in Norway: "Traffic volume has been by far the most important explanatory variable" - Accident Analysis & Prevention
with poverty and inequality, cities with low car ownership can still be car-dominated - Pedestrian Observations
Gothenburg as a model for a Cambridge congestion charge? - BBC
Amazon retail loses money, but AWS and Advertising rake it in - TBray
got to be an IgNobel candidate: "Small Penises and Fast Cars" - PsyArXiv
using "Level of Stress" analysis for cycling - MOBYCON
the pronoun choice revolution in Britain - Guardian
Canada votes to take 10,000 Uyghur refugees, despite Chinese pressure - Guardian
the internal structure of protons is mysterious - Quanta


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