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May 2023

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the pre-Roman languages of the Western Mediterranean - Antigone
I don't think uncomputable reals are as weird as ineffable cardinals - Scientific American
Brussels' "Good Move" taming the car - Bloomberg
cars share of trip mileage down from 64% to 49%, cycling up from 3% to 10% mode share, households with cars down from 75% to under 50%
sustainable mobility and urban transport - Nature
"a rapid and large-scale reduction in car use is necessary to meet stringent carbon budgets and avoid high energy demand"
photos from the immediate aftermath of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising - Hankyoreh
the Earth's oceans are warming up frighteningly quickly - Bill Mckibben
"this is an experiment we haven't run before, and the test tube we're using is the whole planet"
Reverse Gear: the UK is failing with transport decarbonisation
"Transport has been the laggard sector in carbon reduction for 30 years. It is now the largest emitting sector."
Network Rail's railway crossing replacements are making the countryside inaccessible - Yorkshire Bylines
the French are madly pessimistic about France - Guardian
copper artefacts reveal patterns of trade in prehistoric Europe - EurekaAlert
the Amish have embraced e-bikes - Manual
potential climate tipping points - OECD
the UK government wants to censor WhatsApp and Wikipedia... - TechDirt
France aims for universal cycle training - NextCity
52 Ways to Walk - Guardian
a brief update on the political tensions in Israel - Conversation
SARS-CoV-2 and "textbook" immunity - John Snow Project
Britain's long and ongoing economic decline - Palladium
Make Parking Impossible? - New Republic
"The 'carrots' of nice bike lanes and sparkling new tram lines are not enough. Governments will need to deploy the 'sticks' of gasoline taxes, private vehicle bans in urban areas, and dynamically priced parking in order to decrease car use."
a socialist argument against devolution in the UK - Critic


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