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June 2023

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Britain is a bad country to be poor in; its child poverty is particularly shocking - Guardian
the average height of five-year-olds is actually dropping
humans do production line factory work to train AIs - Verge
Brexit the UK fishing industry - Politico
Committee on Climate Change: the UK needs to halt all new road building - Guardian
stop destroying footways: a pedestrian manifesto - Oxford Blog
more evidence on induced traffic - TAPAS
Woven Sounds: a documentary on Iranian weaving - Roots Revival [YouTube]
why the past is always a Golden Age - Nature
"our studies show that the perception of moral decline is pervasive, perdurable, unfounded and easily produced"
drought is coming for southern England - Guardian
"the bigger wins are to be found in changing water company practices through regulation, and incentivising new farming practices through education and compensation"
linking police and hospital data on road incidents and injuries - Department for Transport
self-driving Teslas are eight times more likely to kill someone, per kilometre, than human drivers - Prospect
the Earth spent a billion years with a 19-hour day - PHYS ORG
car reduction is necessary, electrification isn't enough - Yale Climate Connections
"Wales [is an] example of what politics can be like at its best, which is real leadership, rather than just doing what you think is going to be easy"
Amsterdam starts implementing a circulation system by closing Weesperstraat - Amsterdam [in Dutch]
more on Amsterdam's microcars - Bloomberg
the Republic of Ireland is providing medical support to the United Kingdom - Irish Times
academic freedom and the gender critical movement - Grace Lavery
the Falklands War and Dr Jolly - Article
cycling on the rise in Sydney (or at least central Sydney) - City of Sydney
everyday life mixed up with violence in rebel-held Myanmar - Guardian
the case for an Oxford-Eynsham-Witney-Carterton railway line - Oxfordshire [PDF]
the estimated cost of Brexit: 5.5% of GDP, or about £1800/year to the median household - CER [PDF]


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