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July 2023

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England should stop building roads and maintain the ones it has instead - Forbes
nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles are a threat to global security - Bulletin
an update on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation - Real Climate
NGO support for Ukraine is important and should be supported by governments - Foreign Affairs
the "bin lorry effect", and how to stop highway regulations crippling street design - Create Streets
our old stories and old monsters, re-packaged for an AI world - Bruce Sterling
"a majority (53%) of Londoners would support the pedestrianisation of the entirety of central London" - Redfield and Wilton
Britain is in a deep hole - Spiegel
genetic evidence for early Polynesian-Native American contact - Science
in 1995 I led a protest march against Internet censorship legislation by a New South Wales government which knew nothing about the Internet - it's amazing that the UK is planning something just as stupid in 2023 - Verge


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