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October 2023

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Dutch maternity care includes a week of post-natal home assistance - Guardian
reforming the UK VAT - British Tax Review
Omer and Omar: four-year-olds killed in Gaza and Israel - BBC
taxing the poor more, instead of the rich - Tax Research
people who cycle care more about the common good - J Env P
health and wellbeing should be at the centre of urban planning - Guardian
compact packings of the plane with three sizes of discs - arXiv
Utrecht has a cycle street with 17,000 cycles and 4,000 cars per day - Bicycle Dutch
a nice summary of the debate over Shakespeare's authorship - and portraits - Smithsonian Magazine
78 percent of ocean microplastics are from tire rubber - Drive
the evolution of the snake brain - Science
"revealed a burrowing lifestyle with opportunistic behavior at the origin of crown snakes, reflecting a complex ancestral mosaic brain pattern"
we need to keep on feeding 8 billion people - Monbiot
a case study in how independent mobility empowers children - Conversation
a beginner's guide to train travel in the UK - Seat61
renewal and compassion after violence - When I Sing, Mountains Dance [my review]
"Set in the Catalan Pyrenees, When I Sing, Mountains Dance is intimately tied to its setting, to the mountain slopes and scattered dwellings and local community."


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