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November 2023

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Utrecht again: "private cars really have no business in city centre streets" - Bicycle Dutch
Jakarta's rapid transit buses are hugely popular - Guardian
(to go with this, Jakarta needs some "sticks" to deter motor vehicle use)
medieval staircases weren't clockwise to give defenders an advantage - Tales of Times Forgotten
Wellington goes for fast, cheap and connected cycle infrastructure - Spin Off
car financing creates car dependency and financial vulnerability - Guardian
sisters feuding: Margaret Drabble and A.S. Byatt - Slate
content policing: infrastructure matters more than Facebook - EFF
metafiction and massacre: scripting the Philippines - Insurrecto [Gina Apostol]
car-free housing developments are possible even in Phoenix! - Guardian
seven famous philosophical thought experiments - Big Think
a legal attack on Barcelona's biggest pedestrianisation project - City Lab Barcelona
the complexities of pre-colonial Aboriginal food production - Conversation
free parking is not a solution - Parking Review
from Röntgen to the Large Hadron Collider - The Matter of Everything: A History of Discovery [my review]


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