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December 2023

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not one bank branch left in the Peak District?! - Guardian
some radical examples of UK NIMBYism - Not Quite Everything
death and funerary practices in urban China - Guardian
an interview with the people behind Lambeth's kerbside strategy - Urban Health
contraflow cycling across Europe - ECF
do your city's corners belong to cars or to people? - Social Life
some very counter-intuitive things happen in higher dimensions - Stanislav Fort
Hoboken has taken Vision Zero seriously - Bloomberg
how migration has been weaponised, commercialised, and politicised - Guardian
parking policy reforms are needed for sustainable transport - Transport Planning Society
the case for cargo cycles for business logistics - Cycling Electric
the history and future of Paris' Boulevarde Peripherique - Fabric of Paris
results from another large "basic income" trial - Vox
"so many people who used to work for wages instead started businesses that there was less competition for wage work, and overall wages rose as a result"
huge demand for air-conditioning in India - Guardian
who can afford Singapore's public housing? - Kontinentalist
Britian must end its illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands - CAPX


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