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January 2024

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misogyny and feminism are behind South Korea's startlingly low birth rate - Atlantic
social cohesion in Britain and Japan - Equality Trust
Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands have committed to Vision Zero - Action Vision Zero
tools to achieve it include traffic reduction, speed reduction, and other safer infrastructure changes
congestion in cities: is road capacity expansion a solution? - Science Direct
"increasing network capacity is in general not an efficient solution to manage congestion, in the sense that the average travel speed in the network does not increase substantially with an increase in capacity"
a meeting with some of Oxford's bell-ringers - Oxford Sausage
increased risk of a California megastorm/megaflood with global heating - Weather West
why Australian cities keep laying "hot" black asphalt - ABC
should temperature be defined in terms of entropy (as Joules/bit)? - arXiv
properly regulated, electric cars are at lower risk of fires than petrol and diesel ones - Conversation
"A 2023 report by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency found vehicles powered by internal combustion engines were 20 times more likely to catch fire than electric vehicles"
the Oxfordshire section of the Conservative "blue wall" could come tumbling down at the next election - Oxford Clarion
Elon Musk versus the Swedish employer-union bargaining system - Guardian
stop weaponising anti-semitism - Harvard Crimson
the debates over the introduction of the house sparrow to the United States - Audubon
packing the plane with discs of three sizes - arXiv
how big a table does one need for a jigsaw puzzle? - arXiv
winners from the Royal Society's 2023 photo competition - Royal Society
our footways are falling into (the) cracks - Oxford Blog
Oxfordshire County Council needs to make someone responsible for them
the strange ideas of the great biologist Bill Hamilton - Prospect [via Bactra]


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