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February 2024

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an update on London's cycling boom - Bloomberg
the effects of 30km/hr (20mph) speed limits in European cities - Norwegian Centre for Transport Research
"the measure has produced desired effects, such as lower speeds, high levels of compliance, reduced noise and local pollution, no increase in travel time or congestion for vehicular traffic, and significantly fewer accidents, especially serious ones and those involving pedestrians and cyclists"
visiting Sydney: some thoughts on public transport - Oxford Blog
"an accessible overview of one of the most mysterious of ancient urban cultures" - Indus [my review]
the decipherment of the Herculaneum papyri - Nature
Cyclists and autonomous vehicles at odds - AI & Society
"priorities for AI-enabled mobility and cyclist needs be advanced in proportion to the extent that they contribute to societal goals of urban containment, public realm, and proximal cities"
single-sex schooling and educational performance - BERJ
"after controlling... we find... no significant difference in performance for girls or boys who attend single-sex schools compared to their mixed-school peers in science, mathematics or reading"
why are women so good at chess? - Proceedings of the Royal Society B [PDF]
"96 per cent of the observed difference would be expected given the much greater number of men who play chess. There is little left for biological or cultural explanations to account for"
a good summary of Sydney's housing and transport challenges - ABC
it needs to be legal to advertise infant formula - Iceland


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