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March 2024

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local bus services are better value than large transport projects - Guardian
Glasgow's "Rusty Bridge" - undoing community severance - BBC
Empire of the Ants: supercolonies and people - Guardian
imminent famine: 1.1 million people face catastrophic food insecurity - IPC
Going to Church in Medieval England [my review]
"a fairly comprehensive survey — who was involved, what they did and when, and the broader context, social, institutional, architectural and liturgical"
ideas for a proper strategic cycle network for Sydney - Daniel Morrison
cities that lowered speed limits to 30km/hr (19mph) don't regret it - European Data Journalism Network
people don't drive as well as they think they do - BBC
Pankay Mishra on the Holocaust and Gaza - LRB
"I had grown up imbibing some of the reverential Zionism of my family of upper-caste Hindu nationalists in India"
single-sex schooling and educational performance - BERJ
"We find no association between attending single-sex schools and performance in mathematics, reading or science scores for either males or females"
rebuilding Oxford's Plain as a Dutch-style roundabout will require a major reduction in peak traffic flows - TRL
"The impact of the new layout compared with an equivalent conventional roundabout with the same travel patterns was to reduce capacity by a little over 40%."


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