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April 2024

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what went wrong with Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute Guardian
cells, tissues and organisms as agents with agendas Aeon
long biographical piece on Daniel Dennett New Yorker
the Conservatives no longer seek to conserve Chris Skidmore
the demise of the driver West Midlands traffic police
large language models implement a classic "psychic's con" Software Crisis
a history of "British Chinese" cusine Serious Eats
"Selective attachment processes in ancient gold ore beneficiation" Minerals Engineering
how Brexit wrecked the British stock market Wealth of Nations
sets of points in the plane that are all integer distances apart: new results Quanta Magazine
Korea's 4B movement: feminism against the patriarchy Cut
the flaws in China's Myanmar strategy Irrawaddy
"a character study, but one with an involving geographical and social setting and with good pacing and effective integration of its sub-stories" The Pastor [my review]


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