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May 2024

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one of the few Conservative successes: GOV.UK and the Government Digital Service James O'Malley
what interventions increase active travel? Advances in Transport Policy and Planning
"policy makers and planners should stop designing or funding interventions that only address behavioural or social aspects of active travel. Instead, environmental and infrastructure changes are required to make walking, cycling and wheeling feel safer and more pleasant. These should include road space reallocation."
an update on the search for Planet 9 PopSci
Wendy Doniger's _The Hindus: An Alternative History_ and Fred W. Clothey's _Religion in India: A Historical Introduction_ - a review my review
the design history of Vienna's social housing Bloomberg
"this work suggests that cycle commuting is causally related to reduced mental ill-health" International Journal of Epidemiology
is the Dutch housing crisis even worse than the UK's or Australia's? Guardian
Native American gene flow into Polynesia Nature
"conclusive evidence for prehistoric contact of Polynesian individuals with Native American individuals (around ad 1200) contemporaneous with the settlement of remote Oceania"
Steve Jobs: "a computer is the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds" Bike Boom
the Conservative party faces its fate Conservative Home
"Have you tried sticking underpants on your head and pencils up your nose?"
Guide for Safe Speeds: Managing Traffic Speeds World Bank
Austronesian population history in island SE Asia Nature Communications
debunking the hype for Small Modular Reactors UCSUSA
"a coral graveyard": the Great Barrier Reef's worst bleaching event Guardian


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