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June 2024

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a German documentary on the British class system ARD
Welsh 20mph default speed limit: 32% reduction in injuries, 20% reduction in insurance claims, maybe £20 million saving for NHS
and that NHS saving is just from road casualties, without broader public health gains from more active travel and lower air pollution
money, wealth, value: the United States and Europe are equally poor Palladium Magazine
ChatGPT is bullshit, but is it soft bullshit or hard bullshit? Ethics and Information Technology
adapting a Dutch cycle street for Vienna: Argentinierstrasse Dutch Cycling
mothers cycling with children: a problematic practice in the UK ITP
will even Los Angeles rethink its approach to traffic killings? LA Times
origami explains single-celled predator's "neck" extension New Scientist
the Liberal Democrat manifesto is good on flying, but has little on active travel Hedgehog Cycling
the European Parliament's far-right groups are fragmented and divided Encompass
white gloves are not necessarily a good idea when handling rare books Unbound
Brussels' "Good Move" has been a good move Brussels Times


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