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4yo frustrations: "Just leave the apple and let him scream it out" - WP [via Visible]
cats and Brutalist architecture - Bored Panda
a fascinating survey with stunning photos - Jellyfish: A Natural History
public spaces of Barcelona: a photo tour - Pedestrian Space
new documentary about Escher sounds really good - ARTnews
the Sami on Camera "an alternative history of Europe's longest surviving indigenous people" - History Today
photo gallery: Java's Semeru and Merapi volcanoes - Guardian
(I have climbed both, back in 1994.)
picture essay: the Oxford coronavirus vaccine - Guardian
three books on mathematics and art/visualisation - Math Art - Beautiful Geometry - Bilder der Mathematik [my review]
a photographic review of the world's parliament buildings - @AFaulds
how the Democratic Republic of the Congo is stamping out sleeping sickness: a photo-essay - Guardian
"they live in herds" - YouTube
the Royal Society's 2017 Photography Competition: finalists - RoyalSociety
photos of cycling, worldwide - SteveMCurry
photographs of East Oxford fish-and-chip shop customers - Guardian
some lovely landscape photography from Iceland - BoredPanda
how cameras can get such strange results from rolling shutters - PetaPixel [via Robbie]
photographs of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s - Guardian
some amazing fungi photos - TreeHugger [via Su]
do I want to buy a new camera? - Oxford Blog
an illustrated history of men being intimate - ArtOfManliness
some fantastic insect photography - AlexWild
I've acquired a new camera, a little Canon Ixus 220 HS - Oxford Blog
where children sleep, worldwide - MyModernMet
amazing close-ups of sand grains - DailyMail [via Su]
photographer - Caroline M. Skilbred
I only knew her briefly, on the My Four Thirds web site, but she gave friendly and helpful advice
some great Iceland photos - CreativeOverflow
brings back memories of my 2003 Iceland trip
some photos of people enjoying the weather - my Oxford blog
an Oxford photo outing - East Oxford chimneys
some amazing geological photography - SmashingApps [via @MargieKinney]
some amazing electron microscope photos - MelodyMaker [via RW]
photos from Merapi's eruption - Boston
photographs of harvest mice - Guardian
photos of dew-covered insects - DailyMail
Britain's class system in a photograph? - Guardian
some biological microphotography - WebEcoist
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