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My Photos

Photos from East Africa, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Beijing are online. My notes on photography in Mongolia may be of interest.

There are photos in most of my newer travelogues; you might want to start with my New Zealand photos from 2003, taken with my digicam.

twizel clouds from middle of highway
dawn clouds at Twizel, New Zealand

I've also posted some images to MyFourThirds: my gallery.

Some wildlife photos: an Eastern Water Dragon and a Darter.


1. My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot S330.

2. In November 2004 I bought myself a DSLR. You can read my explanations of why I bought a DSLR and why I bought an Olympus E1. I also have a comparative table of DSLR viewfinder sizes and a list of accessories bought so far.

I've worked out that I shouldn't be using a skylight filter and tested the EX-25 extension tube + Sigma 55-200mm lens combination.

3. In June 2012 I bought a Canon Ixus 220, and that was used for most of the photos of Helen as a baby, with the E1 only only coming out sporadically.

4. In late 2015 I upgraded to an Olympus OM-D EM-5 ii.

Book Reviews

Dave Yorath - Photography: A Crash Course

Arthur Morris - The Art of Bird Photography

My photography reviews also cover some books of photographs.

news and links

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Archive of old links.

Other Sites

Useful sites for Four Thirds and Olympus SLRs are MyFourThirds (image criticism) and FourThirdsPhoto (discussion forums and galleries) and the Olympus SLR forum at DP Review.

For post-processing, I use ImageMagick+convert (command line tools) and the GIMP (like Photoshop, but free) with the dcraw plugin for RAW conversion. See tips on B&W conversions and removing haze. For panorama stitching I use the free hugin (available for Linux/MacOS/Windows). I plan to check out GREYCstoration for noise removal.

Danny Yee